About Wall Wraps and Surface Graphics

Wall Wraps and Decals

Custom made for you and your space. Choose from standard vinyl or embossed canvas feel. Set the mood or create a unique theme or message. Transform your lobby, prepare a nursery, freshen up your living room or playroom, create a great first impression at your place of business...the possibilities are endless to turn your boring walls into an exciting work of art.

Advertising and Branding

Marketing walls are a great way to show current and potential clients and employees who you are and what your company stands for or simply advertise your favorite product or service. You can choose to have a permanent wrap for branding or something temporary if you are celebrating a special event, product, or sale.


Wall wraps can completely transform any space.

In business, the right impression can increase your reputation. Feature walls create a fun and welcoming environment for customers and emplyees.

At home, feature walls provide a quick and easy way to liven up the space and can be a great opportunity to experiment with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns.

Attract New Clients

Showing that you invest in your company's appearance and have pride in what you stand for gives potential customers a good first impression. A feature wall can be used to highlight your brand, values, company spirit, and history, creating a welcoming and interactive environment for new arrivals.